Hello everyone! My name is Daan. I make animations/simulations for fun using a free program called Blender. Check out my Youtube channel, my Instagram, my Twitter, or my Artstation page for more of my work.


The template, used for this website can be downloaded here.

My website

This website is under copyright. All rights reserved - Daan Klein 2015 - 2018.
You are not permitted to reupload, mirror, or copy this website. By purchasing something on this website, you agree with the fact that your e-mail, name and IP-adress will be saved to the server. This information will not be shared with third-parties.

About my work

'Can I use and/or repost your animations, simulations, or renders?'
Yes, you are allowed to download and repost my animations, simulations, and other kinds of renders, as long as you credit me. My Youtube videos on the other hand, are copyrighed. This means that you are NOT allowed to download or repost my Youtube videos.

About my products

'Can I share files I bought from this website?'
This depends on what you share. You are strictly not allowed to share PROJECT files, or 3d models that are bought, so people can download them for free. However, you ARE allowed to make renders of stuff you bought, and post them on the internet.

To clear things up

You ARE allowed to:
  • repost Twitter, Instagram, or Artstation posts AS LONG AS YOU CREDIT ME.
  • share renders, made from the project files bought from this website.

    You are NOT allowed to:
  • repost Youtube content.
  • share any project files you bought from this website.

    If you have questions about copyright, you can send me an email at